One Borderless Investment Experience

The Sprinkle Ecosystem

Sprinkle Group is a conglomerate of fintech applications providing integrated financial solutions for global investors, regardless of experience or location. By harnessing the power of crowdsourcing and blockchain technology, Sprinkle Group’s vision is to become the new standard within capital markets.

Powered by the Crowd

SprinkleBit is  a leading social network for investing in stocks. SprinkleBit's bespoke VPI (Value Prediction Index) is what got us started back in 2011. It's derived from crowdsourced data from our community, and can give our users accurate predictions regarding a stock's future or an investor's credibility. 

SprinkleBit offers our partners a stellar engagement tool. By partnering with SprinkleBit, they gain a whole new social channel through which they can connect with and engage their audiences in a personal and educational manner, such as chat, create interactive quizzes, comment, like, and share. Our partners also use SprinkleBit as a channel to cross sell their other services, such as mortgages, while the user is perceptive and in a learning environment.

Users can utilize our cutting edge crowd-sourcing technology and join investors of all skill levels and expertise as they share insights, answer questions, and discuss hot topics in the stock market. Users can also dive into SprinkleBit's interactive investment courses and quickly go from novice to pro with SprinkleBit University. Our powerful stock market simulator lets users practice and test trading strategies as you would in a real, live situation, but without risking a dollar of your hard earned money.

Buy Sentiment Data from SprinkleBit

Want to tap into the power of crowdsourced investing? Sprinkle Group's SprinkleData, enables you to stream VPI data and social trading sentiment from SprinkleBit.

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The World's Global Asset Exchange

SprinkleXchange is a multinational asset exchange for multiple currencies and publicly listed companies, with decentralized clearing and settlement through the Ethereum blockchain.

Today it is prohibitively expensive to go public, thereby blocking smaller companies from listing on an exchange. This will be solved by Sprinkl­eXchange's IPO listing process built on blockchain technology, which will make all forms of public fund-raising simpler and more cost-effective. All listed securities will be traded and cleared using tokenization.

SprinkleXchange is licensed in multiple regions.

Simplify Your Client's Experience

SprinkleTrade's brokerage technology is 100% focused on simplifying the overall trading experience for your clients, from mobile account opening, to account syncing and trading. Our technology will boost your brokerage in no time.

Increase Your Asset Under Management

SprinkleWealth is Sprinkle Group's powerful robo-advisor. Through SprinkleWealth, you can improve your flow of bank customers to private banking customers through efficient on-boarding. Effectively manage their portfolio in a transparent way, and improve customer communication through our personalized communications tool.

Swift & Secure Integration

Sprinkle Group has a unique and patent pending bank integration solution with the capability to securely connect with any bank or broker on any market within 60 days. The integration and follow-up collaboration is completely se­cure data-wise. Sprinkle Group is a member of Privacy Shield and applies bank level security to all of our prod­ucts. 


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